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I'M FRESCA – About Us

Being a parent can be tough. There are so many choices to make about what’s best for your child. We want you to know, you’re not alone and living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated! I’M FRESCA is here to deliver products that are safe for your entire family, as well as the information and resources you need to navigate parenthood with confidence.

I’M FRESCA started with a simple mission: to build a safe space for Latina mothers to shop and learn from each other. As a Colombian mom, I always dreamed of having a community I could turn to for guidance and advice. With the help of my husband, we’ve created I’M FRESCA to provide the environment every family needs to thrive! Through our innovative products, insightful content, and supportive community, we want to revolutionize the way Latina moms interact and grow as parents together.

One area we are most passionate about is our skincare. After watching my son struggle with eczema at a young age, I felt helpless about how to treat him. I didn’t want to use harsh chemicals on his sensitive skin, so I came up with my own solution. By creating a line of products that are natural and free of toxins I also get to help other moms who just want to find relief for their child. That’s the heart of everything we do here, to provide real solutions for real parents.

Finding healthier options for your family should be simple and fun! At I’M FRESCA we are so excited to welcome Latina moms from all over to join our movement. By following along on social media, and signing up for our newsletter, you’ll get instant access to the latest products and shared knowledge from other moms just like you! Feel free to share your family’s goals, where you’re from, and what makes you proud to be a Latina mom. We also love to hear feedback about what you’re missing, and how we can help. The purpose of a community is to lift each other up and find answers together. We are honored to have you join ours and cannot wait to hear about your journey with I’M FRESCA!