I'M FRESCA Influencer Program

Welcome to the I'M FRESCA brand!

Are you a Latina mom influencer?

Are you a Latina mom influencer with a strong and dedicated community of fellow moms? 

If you're passionate about solving common mom challenges through the creation of effective, high-quality natural products, then we've been searching for someone just like you!

At I'M FRESCA, we believe in the power of collaboration and the influence of authentic voices. Our Collaborative Influencer Program empowers you, the Latina Mom influencer, to co-create products with us and earn equity in the very items that resonate with your community. 

Together, let's redefine the beauty, health, and wellness industry!

Why Co-Create with I'M FRESCA?

Equity and Collaboration: Gain equity in the products you co-create, recognizing and rewarding your invaluable contribution.

Innovative Product Development: Be at the forefront of product innovation by co-developing 3-5 sample products that align with your audience's needs and preferences.

Exclusive Access: Be the first to share your co-created samples with your audience and invite them to be a part of the creation process.

Community Engagement: Foster a deeper connection with your followers as they join an exclusive email list, pre-order tester packages, and engage in the product creation journey.

How the Process Unfolds

1. Co-Creation Phase

Work closely with our team to develop 3-5 sample products that resonate with your audience. Promote the co-creation process and landing page to your following, inviting them to be a part of the journey.

2. Exclusive Pre-Order

Over a 2-week period, encourage your followers to join an exclusive email list and pre-order tester packages containing the sample products.

3. Review and Feedback

Consumers receive the tester packages, review the samples, and provide valuable feedback to both you and our team. Adjustments to the formulas can be made based on this feedback.

4. Consumer Vote

Consumers will use their voice by voting on which product they want to see go to market out of the sample options.

5. Rewards

Equity Stake: Earn equity in the product that makes it to market.

Exclusive Collaboration Opportunities: Continue collaborating on future products and projects.

Monetary Compensation:: Opportunities for paid collaborations and partnerships.

Recognition and Exposure: Featured on I'M FRESCA's platforms and marketing materials.

Let's create the I'M FRESCA Brand Together!

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